Monday, October 29, 2012

UTIs--they usually "come back"!

Well, after that first portentous UTI, silly me, I thought we were out of the woods.  But even once we got Mom settled into the assisted living center, the UTIs came back.  And usually, because I was so unaware, and the staff of the assisted living was relatively unaware, we didn't always recognize them at first.

The first sign was always confusion and behaviors that weren't normal for my mom.  But since we all recognized by this time that she had dementia, it was difficult to determine if the change was just "natural progression" of the Alzheimer's, or "something else".  For a while there, every time something concerned me, I was requesting a test for a UTI. 

One more nice thing about the assisted living place, though, was that they were able to do the test right there in the facility so that we didn't have to stress my mom out with a doctor visit.

So.....when in doubt, check for a UTI.

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